Application of solar street light controller

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Solar street lamp controller is not only a simple operation to control street lights at night, but also has many protection functions such as battery overcharge, over discharge protection, solar cell overvoltage protection, load short circuit protection and so on.

In recent years, we can find that the popularity of solar street lamps is further expanding under the background of the low cost of solar photovoltaic devices and high-power LED devices and the shortage of energy. And one of the core components of the solar street lamp system, the controller of the solar street lamp directly affects the work stability of the whole street lamp system.

The controller in charging start time is determined according to the charging mode of battery, if the battery is put into the state to enhance the charging mode; if the battery is in the undervoltage condition into direct mode; if the battery is in floating state into the float mode, if the battery itself will continue to dwell in the overpressure overpressure alarm state. When complete ascension or direct charge, solar street lamp controller into floating state, when the battery voltage due to the load power drops below the direct return point, return to direct state controller.

At this time, if the load continues to use electricity, and the solar panel can not provide enough charging energy, the battery voltage will continue to fall below the under voltage or even below the discharge point. The solar street lamp controller will enter the over discharge protection, turn off the load and turn it into the charging state. The solar controller can also reduce the brightness at night, according to people's needs. In this way, the energy saving effect can be achieved, and the service life of the solar street lamp can be guaranteed, and the solar street lamp can still keep the same color temperature under different brightness. The past street lamps are not equipped with power control or dimming.

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