Britain's plan to scrap a small-scale solar subsidy is opposed by the industry

- Sep 06, 2018 -

The British government's plan to scrap the small-scale renewable power subsidy scheme will lead to widespread unemployment, according to a new survey. 48 volt solar charge controller


Of the 140 companies that responded to the survey through the renewable energy consumer act (RECC), more than 40 per cent said they were considering whether to continue doing business in the UK. About 78 percent of respondents said they needed to consider the level of staff and risk putting thousands of people out of work. More specifically, half of those surveyed said they would cut their workforce by more than 75%.

The UK government has proposed ending the tax subsidy scheme for small solar photovoltaic power generation, and only yesterday responded to the industry. Last week REA filed a reply stating that the tax subsidy program must continue beyond March 31. The association also recommends new targeted tax incentives, such as the introduction of a 0% value-added tax for on-site renewable energy, to preserve deployment. 50 amp solar charge controller

NinaSkorupska, REA's chief executive, said: "it is increasingly clear that the government is endangering the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people by eliminating small-scale renewable-energy feed-in tariff subsidies without any alternative measures. It is a logical fairness measure to retain tax rate subsidies to equitably compensate for the energy generated by projects and then send them to the grid for use by others, which could at least provide some relief. 48 volt solar charge controller

Similarly, the UK solar trade association (STA) issued its response in the form of an open letter signed by more than 200 organizations across the industry. The answer is equally strong. 24v solar charge controller

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