How to distinguish good or bad solar controllers ?

- Aug 24, 2018 -

I have worked in solar charge controller business over 12 years, over 8 years in one German solar charge controller manufacturer, and 1.5 years in one USA solar charge controller manufacturer, and joined in Lumiax since 2015. Lumiax is developing very fast, got double sales quantity in 2016, and 2017. Also got 60% increasing in the first half year of 2018. But Lumiax mainly focus on European market, where the end users or the system integrators have strict request for the controllers.

Here I want to talk about how to distinguish the good solar controllers and bad solar controllers.

First, you can visit the website. Normally middle and big manufacturers will pay attention to the company image, will have the website. If the website is very poor, and even don’t have the website, I suggest that you don’t need to buy it.

Second, you can check some on-line shopping website, like Amazon, Alibaba, Made-in-China, and you will see some comments, choose the good comments. Also you had better to choose the manufacturer.

Third, comparing the weight. Like all are 30A PWM controllers, I will choose the heavy ones. Those are very light, should be not good. The reason is the heating sink board. One good manufacturer will use good heating sink board to insure all the heat is dispatching well, and they won’t like to use oversize heat sink board, for the concern of the production cost, nobody will like to use oversize materials.

Forth, you can compare the capacitors. You can open the cover, and write the capacitor parameters, check from internet. Capacitor is very important for the solar charge controllers, it will affect the life span of the solar controller.

Fifth, you can compare the MOSFET. Like IR, ST are first class components in the world. But some very cheap solar controllers will use some unknow MOSFET, the quality is very concerned. During on-off modification, there will lead to mass heating, will burned. Even not burned, the efficiency is low.

Sixth, to check whether the solar controller manufacturers will attend some international exhibitions. That you will know whether these manufactures are famous, or they can sell well in the world.

One European company had given us one testing report of 11 pages, comparing us with another manufacturer. They open the cover, comparing MOSFET, chips, capacitors, and did 100% charging and discharging current testing. Then the report can show which controllers are good. I am very impressive about the test report, it is so detailed. Later, we do ODM for that famous European company.

Anyhow, quality is always the first, then consider about the price.


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