How to Distinguish the Good or Bad Solar Panel

- Jun 14, 2018 -

With the booming of the solar electric stations built in the villages, the station’s quality has become the concerned issue for many users. But most of them lack the professional knowledge to distinguish the good or bad solar modules. If choose the bad quality solar modules, which may cause different problems.


For these laymen, how to choose a good solar module? Please follow the steps below:

Check the Manufacturer

To check the manufacturer if is the leading brand is the most simple way, because no matter the warranty or aftersales service are both guaranteed of the famous brand.

Check the Welding Technology

To check if there are omissive welding exists when series welding the cells, this can be easily checked out by the appearance.


Check the Quality of Back Pressure-bearing

To check if there is unflatness, bubbles and drape of the back pressure-bearing. It is easy to see the bubbles and drape under the sun.

Check the Quality of the Frame

To check the frame if is the strictly rectangle, if exist big deviation.

Check the Conversion Efficiency

    High conversion efficiency is the guarantee of the good earning. We need to check the parameters of the module. Take the 60 cells polycrystalline silicon module as an example, the conversion efficiency is 16% for 260W module, 16.3% for 265W module and 16.6% for 270W module. If some brands mark the efficiency > 20%, it must be the fake one.


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