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- Dec 07, 2017 -

First, which components are the solar photovoltaic devices made up of?

The whole equipment is made up of solar cell module, bracket system, inverter, electrical distribution system and so on. The installation and commissioning of the equipment can be completed in 1 to 3 days, and it can be used for 25 years without any modification to the original line of the family.

Two. What are the requirements for the installation of solar photovoltaic equipment?

As long as you are furnished with an unshielded surface, sloping or outer wall conditions, you can apply for installation without damaging the roof and waterproof.

Three. Is the rooftop distributed photovoltaic system safe?  Will there be any risk of violation?

At present, the distributed photovoltaic power generation system has been developed for several years, and has already had a very mature market experience. It is also very safe and reasonable in design and technology. The design and installation of the building can be designed according to the different building environment. It is not only the common concrete roof of building, but also the glazed tile roof of the villa, or the color steel tile roof of the factory roof, which can be used to build distributed photovoltaic.

For the development of distributed photovoltaic in the building, the state is strongly supported, the introduction of various supporting documents, no risk of construction. Power Grid Corp is also encouraging and supporting in the aspect of grid connection. If distributed PV is built, it will be able to apply for networking with Power Grid Corp. There is no index limit.

Four, how much is the installation of a set of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment?

According to the installation power, the basic type is currently installed at a cost of ten thousand yuan per kilowatt, and the power of the solar energy photovoltaic power generation unit in general villa ranges from 5 to 8 kilowatts, which is invested in 6 to 100 thousand yuan. In general, the power of rural household solar photovoltaic power generation equipment is in the range of 3 to 5 kilowatts, all invested in 3 to 50 thousand yuan. (the actual price has been adjusted according to the actual situation of the project).

Five, the initial investment is so expensive, 349 yuan can use electricity for more than 10 years, will lose money?

The benefit of photovoltaic power generation is not only the saving of electricity and electricity, but also state subsidies, and some local subsidies. According to the mode of spontaneous use of self used surplus and electricity, the total profit of photovoltaic power generation = save electricity expenditure and surplus electricity income + state subsidy + local subsidy. In this way, most of the country will be able to recover the cost in 5-8 years, and bring 25 years of stable cash flow, and the yield of photovoltaic power is still good.

About the cost of photovoltaic power generation, a set of high-quality photovoltaic power generation system, the main material accounted for 70% of the total system, installation costs accounted for 10%, the remaining part is to support the normal operation of enterprises. For the rural users, the state has issued the sunshine loan service, and the photovoltaic policy to help the poor. In the near future, every household can afford photovoltaic power.

Six, the life span is too low, and the later maintenance is difficult and laborious. In case of any disaster, will it be lost?

A photovoltaic power generation system can generate electricity for more than 25 years. If a qualified product is selected strictly, a quality system integrator can basically guarantee that there is no additional maintenance cost at the later stage. Most of the brand companies provide a limited power generation warranty for the production of photovoltaic components, and 20 years of power generation attenuation will not exceed the nominal power of 20%.

With regard to the ability to resist natural disasters, the strongest typhoon in the 14 - stage history of the Pearl River Delta over the past year had no problem with a power station, and it was running smoothly. In fact, it has been proved that in accordance with the scientific design scheme, the photovoltaic power station's ability to resist natural disasters is no problem.

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