Solar street light energy principle

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The solar street lamp is made up of two different parts of the surface of the solar panel. As long as the sunlight is irradiated by the solar panel, it can generate electricity equal to 1/10 of the received light under normal circumstances. In order to minimize the light reflection of the solar panel, it will change the light energy into electric energy. The solar street lamp consists of four parts: the photovoltaic module that converts the light energy into electric energy, the light-emitting diode, solar cell, and the solar charging controller that controls the solar cell to discharge electricity. The components in the daytime absorb light, convert solar energy into electric energy stored in solar cells, and discharge at night when it is dark. It is full of electricity for 4 hours. After each charge is completed, it can guarantee more than 5 days at most, and it can work normally even 3 days in continuous rainy days. The internal and external indexes of each installation site are different, which will have a considerable impact on the effective lighting of solar street lamps. Each installation of solar street lamp controller system is relatively independent, not only energy saving, but also intelligent, in general, it does not need manual operation, simple, convenient and practical.

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