Talk about advantages of Lumiax solar street lamp controllers

- Jul 20, 2018 -

     The biggest market of solar street lamps is China, it is estimated that 2-3 millions of solar street lamps were installed every year from 2015-2017. The trend still continues in 2018.

     Lumiax is one of the top brand for the solar charge controllers, sold out about 500,000-600,000 pcs controllers in 2017. Why is it so popular? Here are some advantages of the solar charge controllers.

1.     IP67 water proof, which is special designed for solar street lamps.

2.     Electrical components are from world famous brands. Like MOSFET are from IR, NO. 1 in the world. TVS is from LITTLEFUSE, no.1 in the world. Chips are from ST, capacitors are from Korean Sanyoung.

3.     5 stage timing. The end users can program the time stage freely.

4.     Auto dimming function. Which can adjust the dimming when the battery voltage drops to some value. This can prolong the lighting time in the night.

5.     3 years’ warranty time.

6.     With the remote program unit with LCD display, which can program the controller easily, and can show the system working status, like the panel/battery/lamp voltage, also the charging or discharging current. Also there are last 3 day’s history data, like the highest or lowest voltage of battery, it is very useful to judge the lamp working conditions.

7.     MPPT series solar charge controller has very high tracking efficiency and conversion efficiency, which can increase the charging current about 20%, when battery voltage is low. This is very helpful when the sunshine is not enough.

     Once customers decided to buy solar controllers from Lumiax, it is hard for the customers to buy from other brands, because of the high quality and competitive price. That is the reason why Lumiax can get continuously two years’double sales increase.

     If you have any request for solar street lamp controller, pls refer to the website:, to find suitable products.



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