Uganda plans to set more off-grid solar power

- Oct 13, 2018 -

Uganda, a sub-Saharan African country, plans to further increase the share of solar and renewable energy in the national energy mix. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and the State-owned Rural Electrification Bureau have jointly issued an invitation to the Expressions of Interest to support the establishment of its Decentralized Renewable Energy Development Program.

1.jpgSo far, Uganda's solar project development has included the construction of a 10 MW solar power plant, several off-grid projects.Solar charge controller play a important role.

The plan is to bring solar energy to Uganda's homes and businesses, and it will include two main initiatives: the launch of the off-grid master plan for the electrification of the Lake Victoria Island and the establishment of a solar metering pilot program.

For net metering, the selected consultant must determine the appropriate location for the installation of the pilot PV roof system on public buildings and draft the charters, regulations and standards needed to expand the net metering range. The bid documents must be submitted on November 1, 2018.

To date, Uganda has only built a 10 MW solar power plant funded by the EU-Africa Trust Fund, as well as several off-grid projects including using many PWM solar charge controller and MPPT solar charge controller. In addition, the “Power Africa Power Africa” initiative led by the US government launched the “Power Africa Uganda Power Supply Accelerator” project in February this year. The $11 million operation will help the Ugandan government achieve its electrification goal.Nancy2.jpg

Uganda has huge solar potential, but currently only 22% of the available electricity population. The government is working hard to increase its power generation capacity to 1,500 megawatts. Its current total generating capacity is only 947 MW. Of this, 645 MW came from hydropower stations and 101.5 MW came from thermal power plants, with the remaining capacity coming from Power Africa. The country's Rural Electrification Bureau estimates that more than 30,000 solar PV systems have been installed in rural areas of the country so far,solar controller 12V and 24V solar charge controller are mostly used in house system.

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