2017-2018 India Photovoltaic New Installed Capacity Exceeds 10GW

- Jun 28, 2018 -

India installed more than 10 GW of solar power in financial year 2017/18, according to the latest solar report from Bridge to India, a consulting company.

      Among that, 9.1GW was applied to the public utility, raised 72% than last year, exceeds other projects (4.6GW of coal-fired power project, and 1.7GW of wind power project). Open solar power generated capacity raised 1.7GW/275% on year-on year basis.


     Up to the March this year, the photovoltaic power total capacity has reached to 24.4GW.

     The general manager from Bridge to India said:“Although India solar market has achieved a big success, the general capacity is only 24.4GW, much lower than the target of 100GW. It is not easy to touch the target, because the speed will slow down between the year 2019-20. Although the price declining and the government support will help stimulate the market demand, there still having a problem of the supplying factor.”

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