​2018 India Renewable Energy Exhibition REI

- Sep 19, 2018 -

2018 India Renewable Energy Exhibition REI

We take part in REI in Spe 18~20th to show our MPPT and PWM solar charge controller there.Our products are popular in India market especially PIR LED light solar controller.

Rei Renewable Energy Exhibition REI is a communication platform for new energy technologies such as solar energy, wind energy and electric energy conservation. Its purpose is to promote the development and research of green energy such as wind energy and solar energy in daily life, in order to accelerate renewable energy in India. Technology development and learning. With the support of the government, the Renewable Energy Exhibition in India has attracted many investors in the energy industry and is an excellent platform for companies to expand into the new energy market in India.    

微信图片_20180919180239.jpgMarket analysis:

1. India is located in a sunny area of the world, with abundant solar radiation. It has 250~300 sunny days in the whole year. It is a country with great potential for solar energy development in the world (the annual solar energy production is 1700~1900kWh/kWp). In most parts of the country, 4 to 7 kWh of solar radiation is received per square meter per day.

2. India's cumulative power generation capacity is 152GW (as of the end of 2009), and the overall electricity demand is facing a deficit of 11%. At peak times, it is 12%, so the energy shortage is serious. As the economy continues to expand, India's demand for electricity is growing at around 6% a year, and peak loads are expected to exceed 778 GW by 2031.

3. India's power sector is highly dependent on coal as fuel, and 53% of its installed capacity is based on coal. However, according to the prediction of the local coal sector, India's existing coal reserves can only last for 40 to 45 years, so it is extremely urgent to find alternative energy sources.

4. After Prime Minister Modi took office, he actively promoted the development of solar photovoltaics, and promised to let all households in the country “light up at least one light” during the term of office.

微信图片_20180919180247.jpgRange of exhibition:

Solar energy: solar panel components, solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar heating, solar air conditioners, solar power systems,solar charge controller, photovoltaic inverters, solar cells, solar lamps, solar panels, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic lighting systems and products, components and related Production equipment, measurement and control systems, solar façade and roof components, solar system control software; solar drying and desalination systems, solar water heating/cooling systems and solar water pumps, solar thermal engineering, radiation data software solutions and service offerings Business, solar street billboard lighting system with LED light solar controller; photovoltaic power system engineering, solar heating system engineering and renewable energy products and applications, solar engineering design solutions, solar technology applications in the field of construction.

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