MPPT Controller Performance

- Dec 07, 2017 -

MPPT controller is a product developed according to the latest technology, representing the latest photovoltaic technology level. It can detect the generating voltage of solar panels in real time, track the highest voltage and current, and charge the battery with maximum power output, which is the brain of photovoltaic system.

1, the innovative maximum power point tracking technology can significantly improve the energy utilization of the solar system, and its conversion rate is up to ninety-seven percent.

2. It has excellent natural air cooling and thermal design performance.

3, the entire I-V curve can be scanned quickly, and the maximum power point of the photovoltaic cell can be tracked in a few seconds.

4. It has a wide range of applicability and can automatically identify daytime and night.

5, three types of lead-acid battery charging procedures, that is, open, sealed and colloidal, the three types can be chosen by themselves.

6, a variety of load control methods, enhanced the flexibility of the street light system.

7, the MPPT controller has the function of overload, overcharge, overplay and short circuit automatic protection. It is very easy to use.

8, any combination of photovoltaic components and battery back connection automatic protection function, no damage to any device.

9. The temperature compensation is used to automatically adjust the charging and discharging parameters to improve the service life of the battery.

10. The maximum power point tracking method is completely automatic and does not need to be adjusted by the user.

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