MPPT Solar Charging Controller Features

- Dec 07, 2017 -

1) unattended: the system has PV automatic starting and charging functions, without manual operation

2) efficient MPPT function (option): the system uses the maximum power point tracking technology, even if the battery is in different environmental conditions, it can ensure the maximum output power of solar panels, and the energy conversion efficiency is increased by 20-30%.

3) reliability: using advanced low-power, high-performance microcontroller to achieve "MPPT+SOC" double intelligent optimization charge control, to ensure that the product is stable and reliable.

4) intelligent charging management: using the combination of constant current and constant pressure with the function of temperature compensation to ensure the effective charging and service life of the battery.

5) battery protection: automatic detection of battery operation, battery over - release, automatic shutdown of the system, no longer use of battery power

6) high efficiency: low loss power MOSFET series PWM soft switching and synchronous rectification technology is adopted to reduce the power loop voltage drop and effectively improve the efficiency of the whole machine.

7) intellectualization: illumination recognition, automatic start up (option): system can set up automatic lighting, and automatically open load, such as dense fog, rainstorm and night, automatically open load. It is a good assistant for traffic lighting.

8) protection: the functions of overcharging / overcharging, short circuit, overload, anti connection, TVS lightning protection and so on

9) display: LCD data display and visual LED display, accurate and timely display of solar cells, battery and load working state

10) the use of the three defense processing technology, the strong anti environmental ability is strong

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