SHS Controller Introduction

- Aug 02, 2018 -

      SHS means solar home system, normally it means small solar home system. Lumiax develops solar charge controllers from 2009, the first model is for solar home systems, because there are over 100 million people living in the condition of no electricity grid. Some only can use kerosene lamps, which are harmful for the respiratory system, also harmful for eyesight because of the dark light. If you calculate the total payment on the kerosene in 5 years, you will find the sum will exceed one solar system. That is the reason why more and more solar home systems are sold out in Africa, South Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia…


Lumiax have several solar controller models for solar home systems. The most popular model is SHINE0512/1012EU. Its features are below:

1.   12V system. ---most of solar home systems are only for 12V, no need for 24V, so it can save some cost.

2.     It has LED indicators, which will show the PV charging, battery capacity, and error information, which is very easy and useful for the end users.

3.     It has two USB ports output, which can charge your cellphone. Now cellphone is very popular, even in the area of no electrical grid area. It is the channel which local people connect with the world, but how to power it is a problem in no electrical grid area. So this USB is very important for solar home system to charge cellphone.

4.     There are proof paint on the PCBA, which can protect the controller from the dust, moisture and inserts, to ensure the controller long life span.

5.     The most important is the performance and price ratio. Lumiax solar charge controller can work well 100% in the marked charging and discharging current, while some low-quality controllers can not work 100% in the marked charging and discharging current, which are fake for the charging and discharging current.


Lumiax had cooperated with business partners to supply over 32,000 pcs lithium battery controllers to Myanmar World Bank Project in 2017, and 10,000 pcs lead acid battery controllers to Nepal aid by Chinese government. Just in this July, we delivered 6,000 pcs solar charge controllers to Thailand. All these solar charge controllers are for the solar home systems, to make local residents live in the lighting powered by solar energy at night.

If you have any request for solar home system controllers, pls refer to the website:, to find suitable products.



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