Solar Controller Common Fault Handling And Functionality

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The energy of the modern society is becoming more and more tight, and the discovery of solar energy has become the first choice of many inventions. Therefore, more and more products that rely on solar energy come into our view. Solar street lamps are one of them. Solar street lamps are controlled by solar controller and become a system in solar system.

Again: in general, the solar controller for street lamp opening hours also has a certain time setting, generally speaking, the opening time set between the street and a street lamp is close to fifteen hours, so for some special cases, can reduce the size of the middle period to ensure timely open street, because the time it can be adjusted according to the specific situation.

1. The performance of the failure of the device

Several common failure forms of solar LED street lamp lighting device for lighting unit does not work, light not bright, shining light, light light illuminated surface illumination delay, reduce short or long time; lighting; solar panels were blocked, damaged, dirty, light pollution; displacement; tilt, missing, damaged parts of device.

2, judging the fault according to the state of the solar controller's indicator light

The sun will be involved in electrical components controller status indicator for each system, such as the current battery charge status is normal, whether in the undervoltage condition; the light source working state is normal, whether in normal discharge or in a protected state; the solar charging state indication. According to these conditions, it is easy to find out the working condition of the current system and even find the fault point.

Last: because solar controllers use two time control systems, so that we can effectively ensure the right time to turn on the street lights, which effectively improves the flexibility and functionality of the street lamp system.

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