Solar Protection Controller Must Have What Protection

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The solar controller, which is called the solar charge and discharge controller, is a part of the solar photovoltaic system. It mainly coordinates the work of solar panels, batteries and loads, and is the most important component of the solar photovoltaic system. So, what are the control ways and components of the solar street light? Here are a brief introduction to you.

Solar street lamp controller mainly has two control modes, the first is the light control, mainly through the sensor to sense the external light intensity, when the dark time, will automatically open solar lights, when the external light becomes bright when closed their solar lights. And you can also adjust the light and shade manually. On the market, most of the solar street lamps are used in this way.

Secondly, through the time control, mainly by setting a fixed time point to determine the switch of the solar street lamp.  This way is used more in the past traditional controllers. With the rapid progress of science and technology, the means of time control are gradually eliminated. The main reason is that the use of time control is very inconvenient even in the same area, which will change in different seasons.

The component of the solar street lamp controller mainly includes two parts of hardware and software, and the hardware part is combined with the common circuit board and the chip. And the software part is based on different solar street lights to make different control software.

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