The European Union: No Charge For PV That Consumes No More Than 30KW

- Jul 18, 2018 -

The European current renewable energy directive (2009/28/EC) is renegotiated by EU Council, parliament and committee now, which may change the charging stipulation for PV self-consumption. 40 amp solar charge controller.


Conventioner agreed to cancel the discriminatory charge and obstructive regulatory framework for self-consuming and DC connection, which is specially for the recycling system of 30KW and below. MPPT solar charge controller 12v.

According to the European council announcement, this directive aims to build a clear and stable regulatory framework for home users. Beforehand, the parties have agreed to strengthen the development of European recycling resources, in order to achieve the target of 32% in 2030. However, interested parties of recycling resources aim higher, etc. BSW-Solar expressed their target is 35%. Digital solar charge controller.

Compared with the currently active renewable energy directive, it is essential to reform the energy storage using scheme implemented since 2009. The new directive will abolish double taxation by adding extra grid charges for home users. 60 amp solar charge controller.


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