Us Media: Within Five Years, China Will Become The Largest Consumer Of Renewable Energy

- Oct 10, 2018 -

Us Media: Within Five Years, China Will Become the Largest Consumer of Renewable Energy

China, which is looking for alternatives to coal to combat air pollution, will become the world's largest consumer of renewable energy within five years, according to a report released by the international energy agency on Thursday. 50 amp solar charge controller

"Thanks to policies that decarbonize all industries and reduce local harmful air pollution, China leads the world in growth in the renewable energy sector and will surpass the European Union as the largest consumer of renewable energy by 2023," the latest forecast from the international energy agency said. 48 volt solar charge controller

22.jpgChina will also lead the expansion of the solar photovoltaic industry, accounting for more than half of the global expansion, according to the iea report. lithium solar charge controller

" so far, China remains the absolute leader in solar pv industry, accounting for nearly 40 percent of global pv installed capacity by 2023," "the report said. The United States and India rank behind China. 24v solar charge controller

China, which once faced severe air pollution, has reduced coal consumption mainly by closing coal-fired power plants and reducing coal burning for heating since 2013, the report said. LED light solar controller

However, the report says Brazil is by far the largest country in terms of the proportion of renewable energy in total energy. 10 amp solar charge controller

The iea report also says that Brazil will derive "nearly 45 percent of total final energy consumption by 2023" from renewable sources. The iea report cited bioenergy and hydropower as the South American country's main renewable energy sources. Brazil has been burning sugar-based ethanol since the 1970s. Most cars run on ethanol or gasoline-ethanol blends.


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