What Are The Main Features Of Solar Charge Controller?

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The solar charging controller is a kind of automatic control device used in solar power generation system to control multiple solar cell array to charge the battery. Now in many occasions, it has a more important application.

1. in general, the solar charging controller uses a single chip computer and special software, so it can realize the intelligent control very well. In addition, all of its control is based on industrial chip, so it can work normally in cold or high temperature environments.

2. in addition, the solar charging controller also uses the battery discharge rate characteristics to enable accurate discharge control. And it eliminates the inaccuracy of the simple voltage control over discharge, which is in line with the inherent characteristics of the battery. So this is one of the most important reasons for many people to choose it.

3., in the end, it is also a very important feature. The solar charging controller has full automatic control, such as over charge, over discharge, electronic short circuit, overload protection, unique anti reverse protection, and so on, and these protection will not damage any components, and will not burn insurance.

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