What Is The Role Of The Driver In The LED Light?

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The driving power of LED is the key of LED lamps. It is like a heart of a person. To manufacture high quality LED lamps for lighting, we must give up the way of constant voltage to drive LED. Constant current source driver is the best LED driving mode, the constant current source drive, without limiting resistor in series output circuit, LED current is not affected by external power supply voltage changes, the ambient temperature changes, and the impact of discrete LED parameters, so as to maintain a constant current, give full play to the excellent characteristics of LED.

The LED constant current power supply is used to supply the LED luminaire. Because during the power supply operation, the current flowing through LED will be automatically detected and controlled. Therefore, there is no need to worry that there is too much current flowing through LED at the instant of energizing, and there is no need to worry about load short circuit and burn out power.

The constant current drive, it can avoid the LED forward voltage changes caused the current change, at the same time constant current so that the LED brightness stability, to ensure the consistency of the product is easy to implement LED lamps factory mass production, so many manufacturers have been fully aware of the importance of driving power, many manufacturers have to give up the constant pressure LED lamps the way, and the cost is slightly higher and constant current drive LED lamps.

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