Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller is called the solar charge and discharge controller. It is used in the solar power system to control the multi-channel solar cell array to charge the battery and the battery to supply power to the solar inverter load. It regulates the charging and discharging conditions of the battery, and controls the power output of the solar cell module and the battery to the load according to the power demand of the load, which is the core control part of the entire photovoltaic power supply system.
Through the LCD display, you can easily see the battery status, PV voltage, current and ampere hours, as well as the load voltage, current and ampere hours.
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Overcharge protection: When the charging voltage is higher than the protection voltage, the battery is automatically turned off to charge. After the voltage drops to the maintenance voltage, the battery enters the floating state. When the voltage is lower than the recovery voltage, the floating charge is turned off and enters the equalization state.
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