MPPT Solar Charge Controller

For solar charge controllers, MPPT solar charge controllers market share is growing fast. The reason is that MPPT controller can increase 15-25% charging current than PWM solar controllers when battery voltage is low. And MPPT can use more solar panels in series than PWM, that means more flexible and easy application than PWM. Like 60 cells panels, you have to use MPPT solar charge controllers, can’t use PWM controllers.
Through the PCB-circuit board, you can see clearly that we use 6 pcs big capacity capacitor, and they are purchased from world first class companies. Our PCB layout is smaller than other brands, choosing self-cooling design, which makes our product have much longer using life.
Our 30A MPPT max input solar power is 390W for 12V system, and max. input 780W for 24V system. We now add a protect function on the controller that even if the solar PV’s power exceeds the limited power, the controller can work as the marking max. power. As long as the solar panel’s Voc not exceeds the limitation, the controller will work well all the time.
SKYWISE is one of professional MPPT solar charge controller manufacturers in China with many years' experience. We provide the best wholesale service for various MPPT solar charge controller with cheap price. Welcome to contact us.
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