48v MPPT Solar Chare Controller

MPPT, 40A/30A, 24V/48V auto, 1040W/1800W max input power, 65V max solar voltage, LCD display, common negative, RS485, IP32

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MT4015 is a sort of 48v MPPT solar chare controller.

MT4015 is fit for 24V/48V automatic recognition as well as 40A charging current.

Now, Lumiax new 48V 40A MPPT—MT4015 solar charge controller comes to the market. One of customers in South Asia said he would placed one order of 50 pcs soon. Why does this company like to place order so urgently? Let us understand this product.


First, MT series MPPT solar charge controller, have very high tracking efficiency, it can stay at the Max Power Point very stable. Lumiax has tested many brands, like 2 brands from Germany, 1 brand from Netherland, 1 brand from USA, also several ones from China. Only 1 German brand has better tracking efficiency than MT series MPPT solar controller. Some brands of MPPT can’t stay at Max Power Point well, sway to the left or to the right, which prove the such MPPT controllers can’t find max power point very well.

Second, MT series MPPT controller, has very high conversion efficiency. Max conversion efficiency can reach to 98%, this can ensure most of energy is charged into battery, only very less energy is consumpted by the heat.

Third, this 48V 40A MPPT controller, has no fans inside. It can cool down actively. MT4015 has big heat sink board, which ensure good heat sinking. This also means this controller is very robust, and with long time span.

We are very sincerely that the end users can test MPPT controllers, doing some comparison testing to find the truth, to select MPPT solar controller with good performance and price ratio.




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