MPPT LED Light Solar Controller

The charging efficiency of tracer MPPT LED Light Solar Controller is about 20% higher than the traditional PWM controller, which can drop the cost of the whole system.
Excellent EMC design, thermal design and nature air cooling
Multiphase power decentralized control
Various electronic Protections
High speed and performance of the double processors architecture
Humanized browser interface, LCD intuitively displays data and state
RS232, CAN BUS and Ethernet 3 kinds of communication
Four stages of optimizing charging control, battery temperature sensor
Low maintenance costs, one investment and long-term benefits. Because the line is simple, no maintenance costs are incurred and no expensive electricity costs are incurred. 6-7 years to recover costs, 3-4 years to save more than 1 million electricity and maintenance costs. The city circuit lights are expensive, the lines are complicated, and the lines need to be repaired for a long time without interruption.
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