PIR LED Light Solar Controller

PIR LED Light Solar Controller MPPT0650-DCLiR is suitable for 12V system voltage, 6A maximum charging current, 50W maximum load power and 20-45V output voltage range. It is based on infrared automatic control product technology. When someone enters the sensing range, a special sensor detects changes in the infrared spectrum of the human body and then automatically connects to the load.
The full name of the PIR detector is "passive infrared detection", that is, passive infrared detector or human body sensor, sometimes called "passive infrared sensor". It converts infrared signals from 8-12um wavelength into electrical signals and suppresses white light signals in nature.
When someone enters the induction range, the special sensors will detect the change of the human body infrared spectrum, then automatically connected to the load. If people don't leave the induction range, the light will be continuous light. When the person leaves, the load will be automatically turned off.
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