Street Light Solar Charge Controller

Street Light Solar Charge Controller

MPPT1050-DCLiR is a sort of Street light solar charge controller. MPPT1050-DCLiR is based on the technology of infrared automatic control products. When someone enters the induction range, the special sensors will detect the change of the human body infrared spectrum, then automatically...

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A solar street light is a raised light source that is powered by a photovoltaic panel that is typically mounted on or integrated into the pole itself. The photovoltaic panel charges a rechargeable battery that powers a fluorescent or LED light at night.

Most solar panels automatically turn on and off by using the light source to sense outdoor light. Solar street lights are designed to work all night. They use wireless technology and fuzzy control theory for battery management, which means they can operate as a network, each with the ability to execute on the network or on the network.

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  • Intelligent control is realized by using microprocessor and dedicated control calculation.

  • Scientific management of battery with long life-span

  • High precision temperature compensation 

  • The performance of the controller much more reliable

  • With the PWM fuzzy control in charging, the charge efficiency is improved a lot

  • The timing function of controller is much more reliable

  • 100% working effieciency of solar energy 

  • Perfect protective and temperature compensate function to prevent the battery from over voltage or shortvoltage

  • With perfect capability, to protect acid battery from over discharge issue

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