Design Of Intelligent LED Solar Street Light System

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Solar energy is the most direct and most universal and clean energy on the earth. Solar energy is a huge and renewable energy. With the increasing shortage of traditional energy, the application of solar energy will be more and more extensive. Especially in the short span of a few years, solar power generation has developed into a mature sunrise industry.

At present, the road lighting accounts for the 25%~30% of the whole lighting power, so the energy saving of road lighting has great potential and space. At present, the most widely used road lighting is high voltage sodium lamp. This kind of light source has many disadvantages such as poor chromogenic performance, long start-up time, high power consumption and high calorific value. Therefore, new and more energy-efficient road lighting source needs to be developed.

High power and high efficiency LED is a new light source at home and abroad in recent years the rapid development, it has high luminous efficiency (more than 90 lmPW (1W LED) (30000~50000h)), long service life, vibration resistance is not easy to damage, instantaneous start, no pollution. White light LED is an ideal light source for ordinary lighting and road lighting. Solar road lighting has many advantages: safety and reliability, convenient maintenance, no need of conventional energy and no pollution to environment, and can be installed everywhere and without connection to public power grid.  Therefore, the development of LED street lamps has important energy saving significance. In this paper, a new intelligent LED solar street lamp system is proposed and developed on the basis of the original solar street lamp system.

The solar street lamp system is composed of the following parts: solar panel, boost circuit module, controller module, Zigbee communication module, storage battery group and LED light source.

The basic working principle of the system is that under the control of solar controller, solar panels in the daytime are charged to the battery pack through two booster circuits (12V to 42V). At night, the battery pack provides electric power to LED lamp load. In the control module, the real-time control of step-up circuit, battery voltage, temperature, LED lamp group temperature and battery voltage is realized, and the intelligent control of street lamp system is realized by collecting data from analog switches to PIC. The Zigbee module provides a reliable technical guarantee for the networking of the street light system.

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